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My reaction to current Y&R ...

Dec 21 2012, 10:38 AM
Here's a little more Detail..

Newman Enterprise: The Battle for Newman will reach epic proportions. Jack and Adam will fend off an increasingly aggressive attack by Victor and Victoria, who becomes more like her father in her ruthlessness. The concern from Billy, Adam, and Phyllis is about Jack losing Jabot if he loses Newman, since he folded the company into Newman. Everyone sees Jack’s addiction is a problem and Phyllis will become his salvation, in return, becomes her salvation. They end up saving each other.

Victor/Nikki: They are full steam ahead but Nikki receives some news that causes her to delay their wedding. Victor will wonder if she’s afraid to remarry him, but the news will turn out very disturbing.

Nick/Avery: Nick heads to open his nightclub and his relationship with Avery is going to get stronger. There will be a surprising person from her past who makes a shocking reappearance.

Sharon/Adam/Chelsea: “This is such a delicious triangle, so Adam is going to have to make a big choice. He’s has an obsession with proving himself as a real Newman heir but will it push Chelsea away or are they going to be able to ultimately find their way back to each other?” Sharon is going to emerge a much stronger woman thanks to Adam but she may be running into somebody new. Sharon and Adam are going o end up working together, how will that affect Chelsea?

Cane/Lily/Tyler: Tyler is very confident, sexy, and outgoing and he sees a kindred spirit in Lily, so we’ll see how aggressively he pursues that, which will cause trouble for Cane and Lily. As things get more chaotic at Jabot, Cane wonders if he’s in the right place, but a new work partner for him may create a nice little temptation for him.

Noah/Adriana: First there was Alex arriving in GC on the trail of this stolen money. Next Noah’s ex will arrive and cause trouble for Noah, romantically and intriguingly.

Fenmore/Summer/Jamie: This is going to get explosive at the beginning of the year. Fen becomes more aggressive which affects his parents’ relationship. Michael is going to have to take a strong and inevitable stand with Fen and all hell is going to break loose.

Kevin/Chloe: He’s getting tightly wound and he’s headed to a shift but its going to be more of a surprising turn than what we are expecting. He and Chloe are going down a different road and they could become the Bonnie and Clyde of Genoa City.

Jill/Tucker: There’s lots of heat between the two and we are going to see a new side to Tucker. People think that everything he does is calculated and for his own gain, so we will wonder is he genuine concerning Jill/Kay/Devon. For once he could be showing honest emotion regarding his family.
JG is so out of touch with this show, it's sad. NO ONE gives a fuck about Navery. And Shadam/Chadam is NOT delicious, it's vomit inducing. I cannot believe he is pushing this shit. Breaking up Niktor again? Like we haven't seen that before. And JG is turning Kevin/Chloe into the next Bonnie and Clyde??... Omg :eyeroll: :facepalm:
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