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Dec 21 2012, 11:48 AM
She tells Liam that she’s still in love with him and wants them to be together.
so pathetic!!! Liam and Steffy have been humping like rabbits and she wants back a man who was just boinking another woman. Again so Pathetic!

She’s done being insecure around Steffy and is going to get more direct in her efforts in getting Liam back.
Hopeless must be the queen of idiotsville. Really what an idiot? I am totally disliking Hope 100% because of this rubbish. I would have admired her if she walked away even after knowing the truth that she was manipulated. But instead her childish behavior is telling her go fight for a man who has been boinking another woman for over a month - nonstop. Really a mature person would have said I know the truth and you are clearly into the other woman and I should just move on. Also Liam is no catch either and she wants back a weak ass man. I am just pissed that Steffy got stuck with him - even though they have chemistry.
Hope's plan was to have Liam be miserable until she was ready to forgive him. Liam begged and pleaded with Hope, but like he told her, you said no.
Now she believes Liam because of Rick's lies and expects him to dump Steffy for her.
Hope wants Liam to dump his feelings for Steffy and go back to the beginning of their relationship.
What happens if someone lies about Liam, is she going to believe Liam or the liar??

Like i said before, I knew Hope was lying through her teeth when she said Liam love was not good enough for her. Hope is nothing but a drama queen.
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