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I feel like literally NOTHING that happened with the arsonist, Isaac, Quinn, the stripper, Lewis dying, or Hannah led LITERALLY anywhere. It was like a waste of a season. And last season, bringing on Lewis and the cop who died in episode 1 of this season...what's the point! I just feel like it is a hot mess anymore.

I will say that I really think the last two episodes of the season were great.

IMO, the season really should have ended with Deb killing Hannah a la Dexter...drugging her, plastic-wrapping her, showing her a picture of her victims, and then killing her. That way, things would have come a little more full circle for me. The whole season was about Deb learning about people slipping through the cracks and coming to terms with asking Dexter to kill them.

This show needs ten episode seasons, the last two season storylines with these mini-arcs have been fucking awful, IMO. And his voice overs are SOOOOO dumb. They're for morons! LOL.

Sidenot: I saw Guilt Trip with Barbara Streisand and Seth Rogen, and Colin Hanks and Hannah are in it, FYI! Dexter reunion.
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