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Dec 21 2012, 05:55 PM
Man I don't know,maybe it's because they have to use up Stephen Nichols episodes and don't know what else to do with him?????
JW has chemistry with many but I don't see a smidgen of it with SN. I'm loving Jill & Kay back in each other's life but Tucker as Jill's lover is just making me laugh. I can't even stand Tucker with Kay, he's just a big blah :sleep: in the room. Can't they just have Kay say she loves her son tomorrow so we can be rid of him. This story is hitting the three year mark and it's still about the same damn thing!
Could be Leisha, what get's me though is Jill was about Colin & going to Australia
so putting her in this unnecessary screw w/Tuck is down right pointless if anything the writers should've played with Jill purchasing some of Tuck's Newman Stock/Bringing her aboard McCall Unlimited that way she can sit on the board and that would've been an opening/sensible entrance for Jill getting involve w/Newman & Jabot,also have her siding with Billy because of what Victor put him through Jill and Victor were entertaining adversaries as well and we haven't seen Jack and Jill work together for years.... (Shaking My Damn Head) :hmmph: many many opportunities missed with Jess return.

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