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Dec 20 2012, 08:50 PM
As much as I LOVE the soapy angst that "Bristen" is bringing the table, it's getting a little bit redundant having everyone in Salem walk in on them. Marlena's walk-in was fantastic, and John's is understandable too, but what was the point of Jennifer walking in on them when John does the same thing a week later, and it has NOTHING to do with Jen? Makes no sense to me.
Re: the bolded...the point, if you can call it that, was to draw comparisons between Brady and Jennifer's respective decisions to move on with their lives after they each lost a loved one. Jennifer decided to keep Brady's secret after Brady said that Kristen had made him feel alive again. Jennifer realized that it would be hypocritical to tell Brady that he was moving too quickly when she was moving at the same speed -- Jack and Madison both died in the same disaster, so Brady and Jennifer have both been "mourning" for the same amount of time and they have both chosen to move on at approximately the same time.

Also, the bigger point was that Kristen orchestrated the whole thing. First she staged the nightmare to gain Brady's sympathy. After he left her hotel room, she went to the town square, where we saw her sending a text message to Jennifer (with a look on her face that made it clear that she was up to something). We don't know what the message said, but it's reasonable to assume that Kristen probably worded it in a way that suggested that she would like to talk to Jennifer again at some point. Maybe something like, "I enjoyed our recent talk at the hospital. I'm staying at the Salem Inn; I'd love it if you would stop by for a glass of wine and some friendly conversation one day, but if you'd prefer to never speak to me again, I completely understand. I hope that you have a great Christmas." Just a guess, but you get the idea.

After doing that, Kristen had a conversation with E.J. about children, which gave her another sudden burst of inspiration. She grabbed a toy from the charity drive, called Brady and told him that she needed to see him right away, went back to her hotel room, staged the discussion about the toy and her inability to have children (as another way to gain Brady's sympathy), grabbed another toy (Brady), and finally, when they were finished having sex, she purposely opened the door several times while she was giving Brady some goodbye kisses, like she was expecting someone (Jennifer) to show up at any moment and she wanted that person to witness the intimate exchange.

It wasn't a pure coincidence that Jennifer showed up when she did. Kristen might not have been able to guarantee that her plan to lure Jennifer to the hotel room would work, but she was hoping that it would. Kristen wants to get caught, and she's taking steps to accelerate that process.
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