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Panda Panda
Dec 21 2012, 10:42 PM
Everything you said is pretty spot on but I disagree on 1 or 2 things.

1. Jen decided to visit Kristen because of the nice text she was sent, yes. However, Jennifer showing up at Kristen's door was obviously an unexpected occurrence. Though Kristen -the sly fox that she is- was quick on her feet and made lemonade out of Jen's unwanted lemons.

2. As for the "purposely opened the door several times", Kristen only opened the door twice. Once to show Brady out -which he closed himself- and then once more when Brady tried to stay for round #547357232986 of bedroom rumbles.
That's not how it played out for me, but we can agree to disagree. :smile: (Of course, you're right about the specific number of times that the door was opened, but I wasn't really trying to be specific about that in my earlier post. Still, I probably should have said "a couple of times" instead of "several", so I agree with that part.)

When Brady closed the door, Kristen seemed like she was in a hurry to open it back up (while still blatantly kissing Brady as she did so) -- her behavior suggested, to me, that she wanted the door to remain open. I don't know why she would have acted like that otherwise. If you're trying to have a secret relationship with someone, blatantly kissing that person while the door to your hotel room is hanging wide open is completely foolish...unless, as I've been speculating, you want to get caught, and you know that there's a good chance that someone will show up while you're kissing that person.

I do agree that Kristen couldn't have predicted that Jennifer would show up at that particular moment (I said as much in my previous post), but I still think that she was hoping that Jennifer would show up, and was trying to keep the door open so that if Jennifer did show up, she would get an eyeful. It didn't play out as a complete coincidence to me, but I suppose that, like many things on the show these days (everything that E.J. was doing in those same two episodes, for instance), it's open to interpretation. :shrug:
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