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Miss Rhi
Dec 22 2012, 12:14 AM
JFP gets the ball rolling when it comes to shows she EP's. AW started to decline when she was in charge there from 95 to 96 when that damn storyline about a serial killer named after a freaking FAX MACHINE played out... She resigned from AW after a year. I blame her for the horrific death of Frankie Frame which was absolutely uncalled for.

Budget cuts caused Phelps to institute a serial killer storyline, culminating in the death of Dr Courtney Evans, as well as the gruesome murder of Frankie (Alice Barrett). The story had actually called for Donna to be offed, but massive fan protest caused Phelps to rewrite the episodes. Phelps decided to then kill off either Frankie or Paulina, and when a focus group responded lukewarm to Frankie but warmer to Paulina, Phelps gave the greenlight to axe Frankie. However, this caused another massive rampage of upset protest from loyal viewers of the show and fans of Frankie, and Phelps quickly asked then-head writer Margaret DePriest to re-write Frankie's exit so that the character would at least still live. DePriest, eager to satisfy her wish to see Cass return to his former rogue ways, vehemently refused and left Frankie's death as written.


Violence Against Female Characters

Phelps' career in daytime television has demonstrated a predilection for depicting violence against women. While Phelps served as executive producer of Santa Barbara, the character Eden Capwell Castillo, seeking treatment for infertility, was raped by her gynecologist and thus was unsure who fathered her child. During Phelps' stint at Another World, the character Frankie Frame Winthrop was brutally murdered by a stalker in what remains one of the most gratuitously gruesome portrayals of violence in daytime television history.

During Phelps' time at General Hospital, the character Dr. Patrick Drake exposed a patient and a partner to HIV after a condom broke—which he was aware had happened—while he was romantically involved with Robin Scorpio, an HIV-positive character. Previous General Hospital producers had received critical accolades and industry awards for stories involving this character and her HIV status, whereas Phelps did not. In 2011, another story line featuring the character Robin Scorpio involved her blood being used as a biological weapon by an escaped mental patient. Also during Phelps' time at General Hospital, a plot similar to the Santa Barbara fertility/ rape story line unfolded involving the character Sam Morgan, who underwent an experimental fertility procedure and who was later drugged and possibly raped on her honeymoon.

I'll sort of defend JFP on the Frankie storyine. I did not watch it and know little about it, but according to Jamey from DC and JFP, herself, she was forced by the higher ups to write that storyline. However, she was responsible for killing off another character.

Why is that storyline so famous?

I don't like JFP either, i just hate seeing MAB being written like some saint who was so gracious during her time at Y&R. She was a joke, and that "rumour" regarding Sharon Case being threatened of dismissal was confirmed by Jamey Giddens at Daytime Confidential and another insider (can't remember his name). Sharon had to suck it up and kiss some 70 year old for three months until MAB was finally let go.

Agreed! That's what annoys me about this column. The current writers suck, but them portraying Maria as the savior of Y&R is ridiculous.
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