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Dec 22 2012, 12:47 AM
I don't like JFP either, i just hate seeing MAB being written like some saint who was so gracious during her time at Y&R. She was a joke, and that "rumour" regarding Sharon Case being threatened of dismissal was confirmed by Jamey Giddens at Daytime Confidential and another insider (can't remember his name). Sharon had to suck it up and kiss some 70 year old for three months until MAB was finally let go.
MAB was no Saint. But JFP is a dyed in the wool bitch. People on this board and others said what she was made of and by golly they were right on the mark even including firing of MR who I didn't expect. They said Sophia would go down first because she is heavy. It happened. People said she had a vendetta against GF and she would go. She did. I think she did need to go by never the less it comes down to the prediction before she stepped foot on the set. They said she would bring on all kinds of young meat and keep the shirtless (metaphor) and that has come to pass. It was said she would bring on her own brand of poison to the screen and even though I didn't care for the Tucker, I don't think it was fair to kick his ass to the curb to make room for one of her FOJ. She lied in that interview too. Everything that people said she would do, she has done. But the worst of the worst was starting her bloodbath before the Holiday's! What a bitch. That could have waited until AFTER the Holidays but noooooooooooo!! I think she is a power freak and she will take YR down with her if she keeps on this control freak train.

Personally I'm not seeing shit with the new writer either. It's still the same old shit. Different day, different hacks but the same old shit. That was the ONE thing I hated about MAB and her hacks was that regurgitated bullshit day after day after day. If they are going to keep on in the same vein I don't know why the hell they bothered canning MAB. Her writing was the problem but it this group is going to carry on in her shoes, why bother? The dialog is better. I'll give them that but the stories are still the same. And the characters still bear the same scars MAB put on them. I really had high hopes that things would improve and there was a time a few weeks ago where it looked like they might be fixing some of MAB's mistakes but I saw those spoilers and the articles about the firings along with MS Tweet and I realized that this woman is doing the very same damned thing. Pitching out the old to make way for the new. A little new is fine but the landscape has changed so much that I don't even recognize the show anymore.

Rant over!
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