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Dec 21 2012, 11:07 PM
I loved today's episode. I din't fast forward through anything. I am enjoying the baby story. The Will and Sonny stuff was actually some of the most interesting stuff they've had in a long time. It's so hard to tell how Sonny is going to react to finding out Will is the father. Right now he is only upset that Will didn't tell him what the money was going toward that he lent. Will is so stupid. If he just opened his eyes he'd get that if he told Sonny the truth he would probably be there for him. But the fact that Sonny told Will he's figured it all out and Will still let him believe that was the entire truth I am not sure bodes well for Will. But there is the spoiler about them taking things to another level which seems to me after the reveal. So maybe Sonny will see this as Gabi and Nick convincing Will this is what's best.

Nick and Gabi are both crazy. They actually seem to be enjoying the fact they are going to be the joint parents and not even caring how torn up Will is over this. Nick calling Will a gay boy at the end was great. Will's reaction was interesting. Instead of seeming upset he seemed more "wtf". And Gabi seems ok with what Nick is saying also. I think it could be Will that caves at the wedding telling the truth after he finds out what Gabi did to Mel. Nick and Gabi are no good human beings that are relishing over raising the baby together and don't give two craps how Will feels. I am not saying Will is not in the wrong. Nobody is holding a gun to his head but he doesn't want to lost Sonny and Nick and Gabi have made him think that's what will happen if he tells Sonny. But now I think it's more about them wanting the baby together with Will out of the picture vs. really caring that Will might lose Sonny.

I love Abby and Chad. They have such incredible chemistry together. I am not looking forward to Cameron. I'd be happy with Chad and Abby for a while.

Loved the Eric stuff at the end with the nightmare. I am interested in finding out what happened.

I guess I am in the minority. I am enjoying this show so much better than I have in a while.
It's so easy to focus on the often poor writing of the show, but I think the writers have really made an effort in the baby story to explain everyone's motives. Will may be acting soap stupid for not saying anything, but they did lay a foundation for it. And they have laid a foundation for the normally mellow Sonny being furious (not to mention humiliated) when he finally finds out the truth. Gabi is under lots of pressure, too. Blake is doing a great job as far a Nick's motives as well.
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