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Helpless Romantic
Dec 22 2012, 02:12 PM
Dec 22 2012, 02:05 PM
Sami threatens to unveil Gabi's big secret.

What secret of Gabi's does Sami know or thinks she knows? That she became pregnant before Nick was released from prison? That's about the only secret she could threaten to unveil without doing so. There is no way she would ever keep a lid on being the baby's grandmother.
That would be my guess too or Chad could "let it slip" that Gabi was the one responsible for the explosion in the tunnels and Andrew kidnapping Melanie. After all he loves spiling juicy info to anyone who will listen first it was Sonny and Sami being next wouldn't be a stretch. IMO.
I hadn't thought of that (her involvement with Melanie's kidnapping). Rafe or EJ could potentially tell Sami about that nugget from Gabi's recent past. If that secret is the one referenced here, I wonder what leads to this conversation. Is Sami eavesdropping again? I wonder why this wasn't spoiled via the other spoiler sources.
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