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Week of January 14th

Monica is furious to discover Lucy moving in to the Q mansion.
Lucy can’t believe her eyes.

Monica has to listen to Tracy gloating in her victory over AJ.

Lucy encounters a familiar face...friend or foe?


Rredd67 Updated Spoiler Calendar …..(Dec 29th)

Jan 14th
Monica ges irate when Lucy moves into the mansion
Lucy can hardly believe what she’s seeing

Jan 16th
McBain is injured & at GH
When he awakens, Sam is waiting by his bedside
Sam's concern will make them closer?
Tracy revels to Monica about her ELQ victory

Jan 17th
Lucy runs into someone familiar…
Friend or foe?

Jan 18th
Maxie is shocked by a response
After she makes an bizarre request


NE Spoilers wk of 12/14

Lulu fears the worst when she gets news about Luke

Maxie makes a wild request

Lucy runs into a familiar face

Carly wakes up in Todd's bed

John awakes with Sam at his bedside

Sonny and Connie get closer

Will Carly's revenge be rewarding?

Todd takes his fate into his own hands

via jcren

Episode Titles and Previews

(Planning a Service)
1/14, Monica and Sam plan a service for Jason; Sonny is bothered when he witnesses a kiss between Connie and AJ.

(The Escape Plan)
1/15, Todd uses Felix to assist in his escape; Sonny and Connie grow closer.

1/16, Carly fears the worst when she wakes up in Todd's bed; Sabrina and Felix discuss their worries about the future of the Nurses Ball.

1/17, Felix helps Carly get rid of her hangover and gives her an idea; Britt crosses the line with Patrick.

(The Fear)
1/18, Ellie is upset when her condition doesn't improve; Lulu is concerned about her father when she can't find his location.
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