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Monday ("Marlena Reveals the Truth")
Marlena comes clean to John; Kayla and Caroline receive some shocking news; Chloe refuses to leave Daniel's home.

Tuesday ("Jennifer's Accident")
Rushing leads to an accident for Jennifer; Gabi's doctor assures her that he will keep her secret.

Wednesday ("Winning Daniel's Heart")
Chloe believes she will win back Daniel's heart; Will and Nick get in a fight on the eve of Gabi and Nick's wedding.

Thursday ("Godfather")
Nick objects to Will being the baby's godfather; Kate seeks revenge on Chloe.

Friday ("Making Love")
Hope interrupts a loving moment between Rafe and Sami; someone stirs up trouble at Nick and Gabi's wedding.

**UPDATED 12/26**

National Enquirer Spoilers
-Chloe is extremely anxious to tell the truth about Parker's paternity
-Sami and Rafe are caught in pre-wedding romance
-Gabi decides who she wants to be the Godfather
-Daniel reassures Jennifer their relationship is okay
-EJ plans to go to the next level with Sami

**UPDATED 12/31**

Monday January 7:

Brady and Kristen's relationship causes issues with Sami.
Kristen finally hears what she's been waiting for from Brady.
Marlena confesses to John that she's known about Brady and Kristen's affair for some time now.
John decides to check into a hotel after realizing Marlena still isn't being straight with him.
Caroline and Kayla receive shocking news.
Daniel is stunned to see Chloe on his doorstep, who refuses to leave - even after he admits he's preparing for a date with Jenn.

Tuesday January 8:

Jennifer ends up in the hospital after a sudden injury.
After Cameron realizes Nick can't be the father of Gabiís baby, she warns him not to tell anyone.
Though Cameron assures Gabi he'll keep her secret, someone eavesdrops on their conversation.

Wednesday January 9:

Chloe assures Nicole that she'll win Daniel back.
Sami and Rafe get caught up in the romance on the eve of Gabi and Nickís wedding.
Nick and Will clash.
As everyone plans for Gabi and Nick's big day to be perfect, someone watches with the knowledge that Nick is not the father of Gabiís baby.

Thursday January 10:

Rafe tells Sami he wants to be with her after the wedding.
Sami is forced to tell EJ about her and Rafe's plans for after the ceremony.
Chad arrives with a surprise for Gabi.
Sonny plans to give Will a key to his apartment.
Nick adamantly objects to Gabi wanting Will to be her baby's Godfather.
Chloe admits to Daniel that she found a job and plans to stay in Salem.
After Kate and Chloe have it out, Chloe warns Kate will never see Parker again.
Kate vows revenge against Chloe.

Friday January 11:

Chloe finds someone to help her win Daniel back - and away from Jenn.
Hope interrupts Sami and Rafe before they can make love.
Nick voices why he doesn't want Will to be Gabi's baby's Godfather.
Rafe delivers good news to Gabi.
Hope is happy to hear Daniel is still committed.
Just as Eric is about to conclude Nick and Gabi's ceremony, someone throws a wrench into the proceedings.

**UPDATED 1/1**

The battle over Kristen continues as Sami plops herself into the fray. She and Brady have some nasty words about it. He finally turns to Kristen to offer her the words sheís been dying to hear. Meanwhile, Marlena tells John something he really didnít want to hear. Sheís known that his son has been playing rumper pumper with his former almost-step-mom for quite awhile. Heís so angry that he moves out.

Daniel is stopped in his tracks when he opens his door and finds Chloe standing there. He attempts to avoid dealing with this awkward situation by telling her that he has a date but she wonít budge. His date may have to wait since accident prone Jenn manages to injure herself on her way to meet her dear doctor. When Daniel escapes from Chloe, the diva hunts down Nicole and tells her old drinking partner that she is determined to get the orange surgeon back. She instantly finds a job and is sure to tell Daniel that she will be staying in town. He keeps trying to avoid her. When Chloe turns around, she may have second thoughts about sticking it out in Salem. She comes face to face with Kate. The old enemies still loathe each other and it only gets worse when Chloe tells her that she will never see Parker again. Kate wants to destroy her for that. Meanwhile, Daniel explains to Jenn that he is still committed to her, regardless of Chloe and Parkerís return.

Cameron clues in to the fact that Nick canít have actually been the one to knock up Gabi. She tells the doctor that he better keep his gob shut about it. He promises that he will. Unfortunately for them, someone has been eavesdropping. Meanwhile, Will and Nick have another unpleasant run-in as the wedding heads into rehearsal mode. The rituals are rekindling memories for Sami and Rafe, who overlook the fact that they were supposed to be finished with each other. When the wedding day arrives, Rafe tells Sami that heís now decided that sheís the one for him. She likes that and tries telling EJ to get lost, but is interrupted before she can do so. Later, she and Rafe nearly make it to the bedroom, when Hope walks in on them.

Abby helps Gabi get ready for the big day when Chadsworth drops in and, surprisingly, doesnít raise hell. The upset happens elsewhere. Gabi asks Will to be the babyís godfather and Nick freaks out about it. He insists that can never happen. It isnít all bad for William though. At least Sonny offers him a key to his apartment. When the wedding ceremony begins, everything seems to run along smoothly until the end, when someone stands up and publicly smashes Gabi and Nickís baby story to pieces.

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