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Bringing Eric in as a priest was a big mistake, I don't care if they give Ericole a slowburn or not, it's already appears that they (the writers) are changing Nicole to make this pairing work. IMO. I can't help but hate it. They should have made Eric a more complex character, and given him a shady past and I might have actually been intrigued and been open to giving Ericole a chance.

And really another perfect good guy regardless of how good he looks is not going to get me to tune in. I tune in for the complex and effed up characters. I have no desire to see all the interesting or complex characters being dulled down to fit with a goody two shoes. That right there is my biggest pet peeve with Days. No one is bad. Pretty much everyone is good and boring.

Wake me up when Days gets out of the Hallmark channel territory. :sleep:
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