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GENERAL HOSPITAL: Death comes to GH when Trey and Kristina head out of town and end up bumping into Connie while she is trying to dump Johnny. But the tables reverse on Connie and she is the one in need of help. Will Connie finally be gone, don't count on it. But with the recent firing of Eric Valdez you can bet he is the one who will perish. Guess that means Kristina will be sticking around and if sources are correct she will play into a future story when Ethan returns, and yes I am hearing he will but with a new face. A recast is in the works for this character as Nathan Parsons has moved on to greener pastures..... Also leaving is Scott Reeves as we have been told and he will exit sometime in February when Steve Webber will be killed off. AJ may be involved in his death not directly but that honor will go to Heather.......ABC has confirmed news that Wally Kurth, who also plays Justin on DAYS, is back at the GH studio, taping more episodes as Ned Ashton, and that is only the beginning for returnees, the news around the web is that we will see Kevin Collins played by Jon Lindstrom (who recently got engaged to Cady McClain ex Dixie AMC) will be back and starts taping the beginning of January. I am sure you noticed his photo on Lucy's desk when Sabrina and Felix visited her at CoCo cosmetics. And speaking of Lucy she holds the key or should I say the 1% that will break the tie in the fight for CEO of ELQ. But Lucy's decision does not spell the end of the ELQ battle story. Lucy continues to play Tracy against AJ. She leaves them with an offer. AJ gets Michaelís support in his bid to have Tracy removed as CEO at ELQ. He arrives at a meeting for the Nurses Ball expecting Lucy to lend her 1% share to his effort, thereby installing him as CEO and giving him the power to fund the ball. But it is not to be. Tracy maintains her position at ELQ. Monica is furious when Lucy moves back in to the mansion. Later Lucy runs into a familiar face. Will they be friend or foe?.....While some couples end 2012 with romance, some plans for the future don't go as expected. A dramatic event will change lives in 2013. The year begins with lives hanging in the balance.

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