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Starr, Todd, John, Britt, Sabrina, Kate, Michael, Kristina, Jerry & Sam.

They'd all die in an epic Port Charles earthquake/tsunami.


Claudia Zacchara, Jasper Jax, Ric Lansing, Morgan Corinthos, Lucky Spencer


I would have Sonny go into a deep, rageful depression over losing Kristina, Bambi & Kate.

Jax & Carly would get closer after the disaster and want to work on their relationship. Jax will help Carly through her grief over losing Michael. They would want their family to all be in on place again so they'd withdraw Morgan out of boarding school & attempt to surprise him there in the process. Cliffhanger Friday: They go into Morgan's room & find him in bed f*cking w/some little boy.

Claudia & Ric would resurface in town together somehow. I would make them an item, which would further fuel Sonny's anger. Claudia will reunite with Johnny & they'd deal with the newfound fact that they're really Mother & Son. I would restore their close bond and position them in the mob again, with high power. Ric would also get back into Alexis & Molly's orbit and see their grief over losing Kristina & Sam as an advantage to getting closer with them (mainly Molly).

Johnny would turn back into the badass, likeable mobster w/a heart of gold that he used to be

A.J would fall off the wagon over Michael dying. Liz would be by his side trying her best to get him out of it and they'd get closer. Lucky would return to PC in hopes of restoring his relationship w/Liz and Aiden.

I'd continue the Lulu/Dante/Maxie surrogate story but have Lulu surprisingly get pregnant too along the way & actually carry and deliver the baby to term. Then she'd end up w/two babies (LOL), unless...Maxie ends up having a stillbirth. Idk.

That's just a little of what I'd personally do.
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