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Nothing needs to change much on GH. It's really good right now.

1) FIRE Kirsten Storms(Maxie) and replace her with Jen Lilley.
2) Sign Tristan Rogers(Robert) and Ian Buchanan(Duke) to a contract.
3) Go back to the previous opening with updated shots of the cast including imporant ones not on contract. Have 2 different openings a la ONE LIFE.
4) Keep all ONE LIFE characters on the show---Todd, Starr & McBain--- on the show, unless IF ONE LIFE does indeed return, then those 3 could be worked slowly back onto ONE LIFE, or maybe be on both.
5) End the stupid Maxie as a surrogate story.
6) Sign Kristina Wagner(Felicia) to a contract.
7) Bring back Jackie Zeman(Bobbie).
8) Have Kate cured of the lousy Connie once and for all.
9) Don't kill off Steve and either keep Scott Reeves or re-cast.
10) End this Robin stuff in about 6 months, work out a contract to keep Kimberly McCullough(Robin).
11) Like the idea of Trey going into a coma instead of being killed off, recast with a more age appropriate actor.
12) Bring back Lucky Spencer with or without Jonathan Jackson.
13) Bring back Melissa Archer(Natalie) so she can tell off McBain and Sam, and get full custody of Liam, limited run.
14) Bring back Wally Kurth(Ned), Robin Christopher(Skye) on contract.
15) Bring back Kassie DePaiva(Blair), Florencia Lozano(Téa) & Ted King(Tomas) to wrap up the Tomas/Alcazar mess---Tomas is the real man, Alcazar is an alias when Tomas was undercover (temp short term appearances, hopefully ONE LIFE returns with all 3 back on ONE LIFE).
16) Kill off Sabrina, Felix, and Jerry Jacks.
17) Ingo Rademacher back full time as Jasper Jacks.
18) Stuart Damon as back alive Alan Quartermaine.
19) Tyler Christopher back as Nikolas Cassadine.
20) Bring back Lucas Jones.
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