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Dec 24 2012, 11:33 AM
I liked Eric and Nicole's dynamic so far. Did I expect hot, sexy, lusty romance? No. They need to establish Eric's commitment to being a priest and his reasons for doing it. They also needed to re-establish Eric and Nicole's relationship. He's her confidante and friend; ever mis-step and fall she takes, Eric is there reaching out a hand to get her back up. In the DA, Nicole returns the favor. :wub: They are building up a bond so that it's more than just lust when the inevitable happens because when that occurs, it's going to cause a real shakeup in Salem. It looks like tptb are committed to going forth with this couple and making it more than Nicole going after a priest for shits and giggles. I am enjoying every minute of it.
I agree. This "romance" between Ericole is how a lot of viewers want to see romance done on the show. A slow build, friendship at first, eventually developing into something more. We've even seen hints of Eric having feelings for Nicole (when he looked at her earring and defended her to Hope) and vice versa (Nicole deciding to remain in Salem right when Eric returned). I like that TomSell are doing this, but I wish they could do so and keep Nicole interesting, and make Eric more interesting, at the same time. Sadly, a lot of couples on this show (Nabi, Dannifer, etc) are insta-mances that nobody cares about, yet they already have some kind of character development which Eric seems to lack. If those couples were done slowly, it would be perfect writing for them. It seems like TomSell just doesn't know how to develop a character to the point of being interesting AND make them have a slow build at the same time. This is indicative of poor writing, IMO.
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