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My mind tends to wander whenever Eric begins to speak. Sometimes I wonder if I should rewind the scene to see if I missed any important info and then decide, nah not worth the effort. But today, I was pleasantly surprised by the Congo story and how GV played the scene. I felt for him for the first time. I liked the story and could see how he wanted to be the man who wouldn't hesitate. I thought Nicole did a great job supporting him too. Even with these gripping moments, I'm still disappointed that Nicole seems to be on a path that doesn't highlight the wonderful colors of her personality.

Sami :shame: One guy leaves, just slip another one in his spot. Heck, both guys are basically the same person now anyway so really what does it matter? The stupidity of this 'torn' storyline rolls on.

Kristen stealing the flowers and tossing them on Lexie's grave was classic! It's so refreshing to see a villain written as such without apology.

I like the scenes with the kids and got a laugh over Rafe having the pressure to find another elusive penguin. (Although he sure rustled one up mighty fast.) I agree that it would be a nice balance to see Lucas with Allie out and about HTS from time to time. Allie's obvious absence to disregard one ex in order to sell the other one as the 'family' man is glaring.
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