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Dec 24 2012, 11:25 PM
AJ finds happiness with Elizabeth and they have a daughter.

Liz does not need to pop anything out down there for a LONG time. She has plenty of kids for a soap character. LOL. Although I am open to the pairing.

Maxie and Spinelli unite only to have Maxie fall in lust with another man again.

Maxie should not get stuck with that loser, Spinelli. I'm ready for Spinelli to leave PC.

Carly is forced to marry Jerry Jax.

Agreed! Jax is the only pairing of Carly's I have enjoyed. The thought of Carly and Todd in bed is creepy for some reason.
I'm not gonna lie. I'm entertained as hell by Carly and Todd. I do laugh at their lack of self-awareness at times and snarky sides. I do. However, I kinda shudder at them in bed together. They 'work' but I just don't know about them as a couple. I'm kinda warming up to Sonny and Carly. I've liked their coming together over Michael, as much as their self-righteousness wants to make me drink. Though at times they do act somewhat self-aware. I did like Carly and Jax but I felt they were still never given much. Just usual Carly drama and Guza's refusal to mature her. Wolf at least was moving in the right direction with Carly. She's reminding me of what Ron did to Blair for a while, take the spark out and just have her be this 'mama bear' which maybe isn't too bad.

I'm over Maxie and Spinelli. I like the new direction Maxie is taking but I'm worried it's just temporary and we'll keep seeing the same thing. I just cannot take anymore of Spinelli's whimpering, watery eyes, etc. Ugh. Just over it. LOL.

However, the AJ/Michael scenes were great. I love Sean Kanan and AJ. I like that we're still not sure which way AJ will ultimately go. I like seeing him struggle but I really really really don't want AJ to hit rock bottom again. Ever. However, I figure it's going to happen. We're in for a long push and pull here between AJ and Sonny.

I had to LMAO at Tracy trying to win over Sam. Jane Elliot is fabulous. Kelly at least tried, I guess. I really am noticing she's not that great. Damn, what happened? Guess all of those years with no story, though on everyday of course (though I don't think Wolf used her everyday), propping Jason, drained the life out of her.

I can't believe how tolerable I find Dante. I'm still meh with Lulu at times. I do like that Sonny went to the hospital.

Lucy and Monica were fun though. I usually don't mind brute Alice but I guess because I'm biased towards Lucy, I hated her attitude towards Lucy and how she sees her as trouble. I'm glad Monica admitted Lucy is harmless.

So great to have Lucy back. I like they showed her reflecting on the Nurses Ball. Even though it might have been more "SEE we care" rather than character reflection, I still appreciated it. Lynne Herring looks gorgeous. LOL at how Lucy just let herself into the mansion with the 'hidden key'. I hope we see her with Tracy.
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