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Pretty much. I don't think either is a scheme. Rafe asked Sami to reach out to Gabi. EJ inserted himself as Sami's boss. They are both trying to find a way to be part of her life and to have her in their lives. Again, pretty normal behavior when you like someone. In fact, it's so normal that it's boring as hell, LOL.
EJ's is a scheme because he wants her at all costs while Rafe though he loves her WALKS AWAY and is not obsessed with her being with him. While Elvis does not get the meaning of the word no and can't stand to lose. Sami is a prize to be won to him always has been otherwise he wouldn't be "bragging about his accomplishments about how he is winning" that will backfire in the end. As always. Rafe also doesn't get help from others so Sami is near him, she just chooses to be of her own will free from manipulation.
I agree w/your post, spot on! Rafe and Sami both love each other, there's no denying that. Despite Ej's attempt to redeem himself by distancing himself from Stefano, he is a Dimera and the writers need him to go back to his grass roots instead of being manipulated by Kristen just to get closer to Sami by working together, it'll backfire for sure. Rafe walking away from Sami will only cause her to want him more and I luv that! Maybe it's just me but whenever Sami is at work, when alone, she is constantly thinking about Rafe, that's a good thing. Don't really care for the triangle again but hey if it'll bring Safe together, I'm all for it! :D
I can disagree.

Rafe was in love with the woman who Sami was pretending to be, a damsel in distress, Carrie-lite if you will but as soon as she started to come into her own, getting a job, working with Madison to bring down Kate, Rafe started having issues.

Sami OTOH, was solving her daddy issues with Rafe. He's Roman-lite.

They were both in love with fantasy versions of each other but not the reality of each other.

I thought EJ and Kristen were talking or hatching a plan at one point so EJ can be with Sami? If that isn't scheming, I don't know what is.
Scheming? Sami isn't tied to a chair. She has other options, John offered her a job with more pay and a bigger office. She can walk away anytime she wants to. She's chosen to stay knowing that EJ is her boss. How is he manipulating her?

And if Rafe walks away because he thinks Sami will want him, isn't that a form of manipulation which EJ gets slammed for?
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