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If the networks cared, and appreciated the value their soaps COULD have instead of what they were lacking, they might have. All of us here came up with so many ideas. Half hour, shared production, less cast (maybe more recurring, especially with veterans who want to reduce their workload or are just 'done' but still want to appear), it could have worked.

I know a lot are used to the hour format, but I really really believe half hour is the best way for a daily soap to survive. And besides, an 'hour' soap without commercials is 36 minutes now, if not 35. B&B feels like 15 minutes sometimes, though it's probably 18-20 minutes. And plus, IF these get off the ground, I have to imagine it's easier pushing a soap block for just one hour with two shows compared to two hours with two hour long soaps with bloated casts. JMO.

And, besides Santa Barbara, I think half hour soaps would do better overseas. B&B is huge. Loving was big somewhere, right? Both half hours.

I hope we hear something about Agnes being involved. I think Smith needs to look at the original core families, see who's realistic, who's available, who they could revisit, and build a new core that has familiarty, yet new watchability to draw all kinds of different viewers in. Delivering us the SAME thing is not going to keep these shows around in the future. IMO.
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