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Dec 25 2012, 07:59 AM
I did not expect you to agree , The only time I liked Rafe was in the VERY beginning and Rafe 2. I really liked Galen when he played Luis on Passions, maybe I did not notice his acting? Luis was my favorite.

Rafe..eh the writers did a terrible job in developing him, the fact that he is still attached to Sami boggles my mind.
I loved Luis and maybe because I was younger or maybe because there were a lot of not so great actors, I never noticed GG's limitations.

My biggest resentment of Rafe is how the writers felt the need to turn Sami into Carrie in order to make them work and it was so painfully obvious when the Carrie actually came to town. Rafe was no longer as annoying because his character just worked with Carrie. They fit. They were peas and carrots. It took him five minutes to get over his great love for Sami and why it was so easy for him to fall in love with Carrie. She was the real deal, not the wannabe one. He'd been in love with Carrie for years, he just didn't know it.
I never thought Sami was being written like Carrie or Marlena back in 2008-2011. I still don't. I think she was perfectly in character. I think she's being written like them now though. Ironically, she's mostly being written that way in scenes with EJ instead of Rafe.
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