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Random thoughts on the episode (it should go without saying that these are just my opinions):

- Lexie was born two days after Days of our Lives premiered.

- Nathan Owens is much better looking than Schuyler Yancey. Whether he is more than just a good set of genes remains to be seen.

- I'm nitpicking here, but the dialogue between Chad and Cameron was weird. "I'm down with that." "I'm down if you're down." I realize that some people -- particularly young men (and including me) -- actually say things like that sometimes, but Casey Deidrick sounded like he was trying to mimic Nathan's speech to make it seem like Chad was capable of fitting in with Cameron. I wonder if Chad's ever used that particular phrasing before. In any case, it would have sounded better if Casey had said something slightly different (but still "cool"), like "I'm game if you are."

- The girl who plays Sydney delivers her lines with as much stiffness and as little charisma as the man who plays Eric.

- Speaking of Greg Vaughan...holy shit, the dude actually showed some emotion today!

Unfortunately, the problem is that he can't expect to have that sort of material to make him look good every time that he's on the show. He needs to learn how to infuse his normal, average, run-of-the-mill scenes with some personality and emotion. I didn't have a problem with his portrayal of Eric in this episode, but I don't really have any reason to believe that he's not going to go right back to being duller than a butter knife in the next episode.

As I've said before, I'm glad that Eric's back in Salem (although the priest thing turns me off), and I want to like Greg Vaughan (especially since I highly doubt that Days will recast the role), but so far, he's making it really hard for me to do that. It has nothing to do with the writing and everything to do with his stiff, emotionless portrayal.

Also, I still think that Eric's "big secret" has been extremely lackluster thus far. Hopefully there's more to the story, but I doubt it.

- Sir Blinks-a-Lot's blink tally for this episode: approximately ninety-six blinks.

- James Reynolds' blink tally for this episode: approximately twenty-eight blinks.

- Kristen uses Caps Lock. I despise Caps Lock. This revelation saddens me.

- I wish that Sami and Caroline hadn't chosen to have their conversation about how E.J. had "changed" right next to the shelves of liquor. It only served to make me painfully aware of how badly I needed a drink to make it less difficult to suffer through those scenes.

- It was previously established that Father Tobias (as well as other priests and at least one therapist) knew why Eric had been having nightmares. One would assume that at some point, one of those people whom Eric had confided in would have pointed out that Eric had entered the priesthood for the wrong reasons.
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