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Mrs. H and Mr. B

"Kayla and Caroline receive some shocking news." Is this funny to anyone but me? Day's definition of "shocking" would be that Caroline ran out of ingredients to make her clam chowder. Pul-lease.

As for Chloe being brought back for Dan and probably Dannifer angst (the couple no one gives two shits about), I'm not surprised there either. They ruined her and Nicole for that Walking Dick Swinger and so this is just par for the course.

This show continues to push couples that people don't want and destroy characters that people actually are invested in. I'm still trying to figure out why the hell they'd think that Gabi having a baby would elicit a response from the audience. Nicole was the one that most wanted a baby for.

I hope to God these Sydole anvils that are dropping like a ton of bricks isn't just a way to get fans watching again only to not deliver. All I can say, in my humble opinion and what so many others I've talked to have said, the biggest story this show could do is Nicole's baby being alive and her being Sydney's mother. I mean, the outcry continues as well as me not watching....
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