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My wish list for


Julia Barr(Brooke English)
Rebecca Budig(Greenlee Smythe Lavery)
David Canary(Adam Chandler & Stuart Chandler)
Beth Chamberlain(Liza Colby)
Terri Conn(Babe Carey)
Daniel Cosgrove(Scott Chandler)
Bobbie Eakes(Krystal Carey)
Trent Garrett(Asher Pike)
Stephanie Gatschet(Madison North)
Sarah Glendening(Marissa Tasker)
Ricky Paull Goldin(Dr. Jake Martin)
Lindsay Hartley(Dr. Cara Castillo)
Ashlee Holland(Randi Morgan)
Vincent Irizarry(Dr. David Hayward)
Thorsten Kaye(Zach Slater)
Michael E. Knight(Tad Martin)
Christina Bennett Lind(Bianca Montgomery)
Jen Lilley(Colby Chandler)
Susan Lucci(Erica Kane)
Thad Luckinbill(J.R. Chandler)
Cameron Mathison(Ryan Lavery)
Cady McClain(Dixie Cooney)
Alicia Minshew(Kendall Hart)
Debbi MorganDr. Angie Hubbard)
Cornelius Smith Jr.(Dr. Frankie Hubbard)
Chrishell Stause(Amanda Martin)
Jordi Vilasuso(Dr. Griffin Castillo)
Darnell Williams(Jesse Hubbard)
Walt Willey(Jackson Montgomery)
Colleen Zenk(Tara Martin)

Mackenzie Aladjem(Miranda Montgomery)
Jennifer Bassey(Marian Chandler)
Tate Berney(AJ Chandler)
Darby Jo Hart(Jenny Martin)
Shannon Kane(Natalia Fowler)
Daniel Kennedy(Peter Cortlandt)
Jill Larson(Opal Cortlandt)
Amaya London(Lucy Hubbard)
Ray MacDonnell(Dr. Joe Martin)
J.R. Martinez(Brot Monroe)
Michael & Brody McMackin(Trevor Martin)
Lee Meriwether(Ruth Martin)
Ellah Miller(Gabrielle Montgomery)
Dannika Northcott(Kathy Martin)
Danielle Parker(Emma Lavery)
Britton Reeder(Ian Slater)
Jake Vaughan(Spike Lavery)

I would fast forward to show that Babe was indeed the secret person David had revived with Terri Conn now in the role.(Since Alexa Havins is on TORCHWOOD). JR would be in a mental hospital about to be out, he had a nervous breakdown, Thad Luckinbill(ex-JT, Y&R) takes over the role (since Jacob Young is on B&B). Revealed to be have been killed by JR in the shootout was Maya and Caleb. Ashlee Holland (exDAYS) would take over as Randi (since Denise Vasi is now on SINGLE LADIES). I'd pick Beth Chamberlain(ex-Beth, GL) as Liza Colby replacing Jamie Luner who was too young for the role (even though I warmed up to her toward the end of her run). Recast Colby with Jen Lilley (ex-Maxie, GH), since Natalie Hall is now on PRETTY LITTLE LIARS. Plus I'd bring back Erica's classic rival Tara Martin, and cast daytime vet Colleen Zenk (Barbara Ryan, ATWT) as Tara, since it's been reported that Karen Lyn Gorney is unreliable as an actress, if untrue, I'd definitely welcome back Gorney.
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