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Dec 25 2012, 01:51 PM
I am laughing at how pathetic EJ is. Kate tells him Sami will never love him, and he knows she loves Rafe, and he STILL thinks he is winning?! What an IDIOT!

Truth is Ej is pathetic. Full grown ass man still living at his Fathers and counting on his deranged sister to help him lasso Sami into something, I would bet on, will be some kind of form of blackmail just to get her to stay once hes got her. I think Ej needs to give up on Sami cause if the man cant get the woman on his own then he needs to find some other sucker to fall for him.Nicole is predisposed at the moment with Eric. Let them send Ej some bad ass chick that can take him down like no other.

Of Course Sami loves Rafe. Anyone that has eyes can see. But all Im wondering about is if shes so hung up on Rafe and always has been what is Sami doin the mattress mambo with Ej while being married to Rafe? Im still stunned over that!
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