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Helpless Romantic

Dec 25 2012, 11:26 PM
Panda Panda
Dec 24 2012, 08:12 PM
Dec 24 2012, 08:02 PM
John and Brady get into a physical altercation over Kristen, leading to the father and son being hospitalized. Later, an emotional Sami runs into Rafe and bursts into tears over her family falling apart. Will Rafe be able to comfort Sami and help her through her pain?

Since when did Sami give a flying fuck about John and Brady?
Sami has just recently began to tolerate her own mother and speak to her without contempt so I find it really strange that they would actually have her crying because John and Brady got into a physical altercation.Making contemptous remarks about John and Brady,yes,crying no way.There has to be more to it than the fight.
Actually up until MarDar's regression of Sami this past year Sami had made peace with both John and Marlena from late 06- 09 when they left. With continued references about them even giving her money which she later gave Nicole and of course her stay at their townhouse. Once J&M left and Sami got out of WP a close relationship was built with EM Brady and Sami where they would confide in each other and act like siblings/ family. So Sami being upset is in keeping with the bond that was re-established btwn them so I see nothing wrong with it and very much enjoy the sibling chemistry btwn EM and AS. It sure beats Sami being regressed to being a shrew who STILL had no brain under MarDar laughing it up with Elvis :puke: At this point I would rather see her involved with her family than have the writers telling me she's supposedley "torn" btwn Rafe and EJ but I don't see it. Its a refreshing change to once again have her involved with her family than the ping pong men game they constantly have her playing.
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