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I adore Merlin and Arthur's relationship but the fact that Gwen didn't have a goodbye scene with her husband left a bad taste in my mouth. They could have gave her a short scene before they left on the journey to cure Arthur. :shame:

Another thing I was looking for a great battle between Merlin and Morgana, yet we get nothing, a stab, and boom she's dead.. It was so anticlimactic.. :shame:

And you know all we heard was that Arthur was to be a great King and yet we didn't see it? Nothing really changed from Ulther's reign. Magic was still outlawed.. :shame:

I know they have to stick with the legends but they had already changed so much what what's was one more thing? The Arthurian legends are tragic but I think fans wouldn't have minded an happy ending or some type of closure. Sighs..

The ending felt rushed.. . It deserves about a C-.... a C for "Could have been Better." Nevertheless it's over so I guess it's time to move on.. :/

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