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The writing worried me much more than the cast. Since the shows are only half hour they'll likely have to cut out certain families and trim the casts anyway. I don't think they'll have trouble coming up with solid casts. I can see each getting enough key vets to anchor it, along with some of the younger actors who've struggled to get work (think of how many we haven't seen since the shows ended!), plus they can throw in some recasts and of course new characters. I'm sure there are out-of-work daytime actors who would jump at the chance to appear. Look at how many people the web soaps dug out.

So cast is nothing to me, it's the writing that scares me. If the writing is bad this just won't work. I don't expect the other stuff to be that bad (directing, sets, production values, cast), but the writing is the big unknown. I wonder why they weren't able to close a deal with the writers guild? This severely limited the pool they can choose from. Hopefully the EPs have some power to pick the headwriters since we know the EPs will have strong soap experience.
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