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Interesting that Drake tweeted almost the same thing Bryan did. Sucks this show hasn't learned to integrate. I thought with the new writers things would change. Cast integration has only gotten worse it seems. The only thing for me that has gotten better is Sonny getting airtime under the new regime, even if it's not great (I get it is a lot better than a lot of other characters). Lucas's return seems like a total waste again. We hear he has been going to PFLAG meetings but we saw nothing onscreen playing out with that. Justin and Adrienne are still non existent basically. Victor is barely shown. Gab is now the center of the show :eyeroll: . Rafe is still the center of the show. Sami still is the center of the show with her harlem of men chasing her. Jen and Daniel's bore of a story is still being shoved in our faces. I do like the return of Kristen and the return of Eric. I am mixed on the baby story as I don't think it makes any sense but I suppose at least the new regime tried to create a story for the younger characters. But beyond that the show hasn't changed at all under the new regime.
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