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i jewish i still think when show that meant to all family when last episode air in christmas eve it should not been so damm depressing
gwen and Arthur last scene when Arthur wake up hear what merlin said to him in crstal cave and said merlin and take off gwen did not just say goodbye befroe die she did not just say goodbye after he die merlin was the only was with his body we do not even know how she find out and if merlin ever return to camlot

when they kill Arthur they still have not follow the legend yes in the stories mordred he the one that kill him which in some these stories mordred is also his son too the problem that Arthur never came to do to do the great stuff he done to legend before he died so what the point of killing him
killing Arthur was like if killed clark kent before became clark kent
you can not skip from point C to point E just becasue you want to finish

they miss all the beats how Morgana find about merlin and how merlin kill her if Arthur could have kill her in way they wrote kill her
Morgana death was only footnote
merlin telling the truth to Arthur despite he still could hide it

even they tease that gwen fine about merlin have magic now gwen the only queen that have magic not outlaw anymore [she still fromer maid and woman trying to people to adjust the king is dead who said people listen to her]the problem Arthur is the one that should done

Arthur deathc ould been better would if it cause all the Kingdoms unit and manage before he die that magic will no longer outlaw

merlin was suppose great sorcerer that ever lived but until last episode he still rely on gaius and most people still did not know he have magic

we kept hearing arthur what suppose to do and yet we didn't see it all

even if arthur rise again from dead in the furture nobody know about magic

merlin still alive so many years and dress like begger all alone and might still waiting to

arthur rise again i find out it very sad

everyone end up miserable nobody got the happy ending

ending that everyone end up miserable not always equal great writing

and ending that not everyone end up miserable not always equal bad writing

the diiffrence if the ending was happier it would been easier to overlook the wrongs in write and rush stuff
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