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Dec 25 2012, 12:45 PM
Dec 25 2012, 12:36 PM
The best story for Ejami would be a REAL obstacle -- finding out Sydney is Nicole's daughter, not Sami's. Sami has to give up Sydney to Nicole.

It's not just that I want Nicole to have a child....but I am emotionally attached to Sydney being hers. Specifically SYDNEY. That's the baby I want for Nicole.

And if Ejami are so strong, they can survive EJ sharing a child with someone other than Sami. Bo had Chelsea with Billie, John had Brady with Isabella, Marlena had the twins with Roman. So WHY can't Nicole and EJ be Sydney's biological parents? It's easily explained with the botched baby switch.

I don't even care about EJ and Nicole being together. I just want Nicole to be Sydney's mother. Is that too much to ask? Sami already has Johnny and Allie and Will. Why the hell can't the writers give Sydney to Nicole??

I just want Nicole to be Sydney's mother --- and however TPTB can do that would be great.
It's like they are afraid to give Nicole a child with EJ. I will never understand it. I need it to be true also. But to kill the chance twice of Ejole having a baby together is just cruel. Sydole have a connection. I mean, Sami and Sydney don't even have a combined name and if they did, it would be Sadney, which explains everything just in the name.

I don't care what EJ does at this moment because he's not the EJ I know and love. In order for Ejami to work he has to be a good little boy and mind what Sami says. If he decides to do a dirty errand for Daddy Stefano, Sami will grab him by the balls so fast and castrate him on the spot. Oh, their relationship is so one-sided. But I digress. I still want Kristen to adopt a baby who happens to be BabyPhoenix (the perfect name for Ejole's baby because it will rise again), but for now, I'd settle for them to bring Sydney home to her mommy Nicole and she can live happily ever after with her daughter.

Days just can't get nothing right.
I am oh so ready for Sydney to be made nicole's daughter. It's long over due. We have had too many Sydole anvils I won't be satisfied until they make sydole happen.
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