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Dec 26 2012, 12:28 PM
Dec 25 2012, 06:01 PM
Now onto Nicole's message from Sydney. I don't mind Nicole having moments where she sees Sydney in passing and reflects on the past times. What I don't want to see is Nicole still obsessed over the little girl. That's how today felt. And the whole "Mommy Nicole" was weird. The fact that EJ would even be okay with that bothers me. I know Sami wouldn't be okay with it. That's like Philip calling Vivian "Mommy Vivian." It never happened. Should never happen. I don't mind Nicole and Sydney having this connection for the rest of their lives, but today was a little overkill.
I whole heartedly agree.

It seems very strange that anyone, especially EJ after the latest baby steal, would put the kid in touch with her. I know the show hasn't been logical in forever, but this seems pathological, (which I suppose EJ is) but come on TomSell, use the opportunity to fix some of this shite. The woman is suffering loss but she is also obsessed and fostering the mommy aspect seems like a bone to the Sydole fans. No one would let one of those children near her. No one. I will always be a fan of the idea that Sydney is drawn to Nicole more as a confidant than to her mother because if there is a long term for the show, that would be awesome.

I would agree except for one thing. Nicole was a step-mother to and spent considerable time with the kids well after all the Sydney stuff was revealed. So, the idea that nobody would let her near the kids rings false to me. She was near them all the time and nothing she has done since then would support the idea that she's any kind of danger to them. Yes, she lied about the paternity of the baby but EJ knew it was a lie. And even after he knew it was a lie, he kept begging Nicole to take him back. So, it's not like the lie itself caused EJ to go off the rails with Nicole.

So, on that side of things, I don't think it's all that ridiculous. However, I do agree that the whole thing feels like bone-throwing. I don't mind Nicole contemplating her loss and feeling that loss at Christmas, but the "Mommy Nicole" stuff was a little much. I would have rather seen a random run-in at the town square where Sydney ran to Nicole to say hi and EJ let them have that little moment. I think that would have seemed less heavy-handed.

And I completely agree that I don't want to see Nicole obsessed with Sydney again. So, if that was what this was foreshadowing then I'm not a happy camper. But, I'm holding out hope that it was just TomSell's heavy-handed attempt at Christmas mush.
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