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Dec 25 2012, 09:01 AM
Dec 25 2012, 08:09 AM
Dec 24 2012, 04:59 PM
I've no interest in the arrival of Jack Jnr if he's going to join everyone else in sanctifying Daniel. On the other hand, if the young man is going to be extremely rebellious, a thorn in Daniel's side, and a mirror image of his father, then I will be interested in watching all of that.
Gabi? I don't think I'd miss her if they wrote her out.
Nick on the other hand - I'm a Blake Berris fan, so I hope they keep him in the cast.
I also like the actor who plays Sonny.
I have a feeling that when/if JJ returns to Salem, he won't be Daniel's biggest fan and it's going to cause issues between them.

I really like BB, I floved The Fallonator and resent them bringing Nick back to be the resident hater.

Gabi could disappear tomorrow and I'd never notice unless someone brought her name up on a board.

The new year already blows with these storylines still going. Dannifer sucks since day one and they're getting another big story? And why bring Chloe back to only waste her, over and over and over... I have no desire to see Chloe ho herself out to Daniel while using her son for his attention. It's bad enough that Jennifer has completely lost herself to be Danny boy's number one fan, I don't want to see Chloe in the same boat after the way Daniel treated her.
I would love to see J.J. added but only if he's hells bitch on wheels for his mommy. After the way Jennifer has completely forgotten Jack to moon over a pig like Daniel she deserves some serious hate from at least one of her kids.
I'm liking Brady with Kristen but his level of I'm a complete dumb ass for knowingly dating my dad's crazy ex is a little too much to bare. Are we expected to believe that Brady never heard that Kristen tried to off his stepmother?
And Cameron and Abby and Chad and Gabi can all go take a flying leap for all I care. The younger set has to be the most boring, dulll characters ever on a soap. And I still don't like that Gabi set a plan in motion that killed Jack and Brady's fiance and nobody seems to give a rats ass about it.
I like Will and Sonny but their relationship is getting to be sickeningly perfect which equals boring to me.
And Sami needs to leave. She's had the same story for five years.
The way Dan treated Chloe? I don't think Dan's the one who had a drunken ONS and got pregnant with his daugher's husband.

I'm pretty sure Brady knows all about Kristen's past, he's said she's not that same person anymore, at least once or twice.

I don't think anyone knows that Gabi set off a chain of events except Chad, Sonny & Rafe and Rafe's covered it up and Chad signed some kind of legal document saying he can't tell anyone. Idiot.

Sami doesn't need to leave, she just needs to remember her bad ass self and dump the Carrie wanna be role. Bring CC back if that's who the writers want.

I honestly think with the kind of history ej and sami have , they will never be truly happy together especially when we've seen them be genuinely happy with other people. I don't this latest go around will be any more compelling that the countless other tries before it. People are tired of the same old and are looking for a fresh take for their characters, NEW stories. Enough with the bland triangles that go now where except round in a circle. Rafe, EJ and Lucas need to move on from Sami, she has to be truly the most awful self absorbed woman on this show. Back burn her and bring in women to balance out the cast.
Sami is no more, or less self absorbed than Nicole is.

Maybe it's my special eyes, but I never saw EJ and Nicole as truly happy. Nicole was always waiting for the other shoe to drop and by shoe I mean Sami, Sami, Sami.

I absolutely agree that most fans are tired of the same old tired stories of EJole and Safe. It's been YEARS. Most want something new that hasn't actually been tried before.

Sami and EJ without something hanging over their heads just waiting to blow up.
So I guess the way"Dan" treated Chloe since the hysterical pregnancy doesn't matter.The way he failed her and emotionally cheated on her doesn't matter(because putting your ex before your actual fiance is cheating)......I guess only Physical "cheating" when you're drunk and devastated over losing your fiance to his ex matters...unbelieavable how only Daniel's so called pain matters and how the hell he put Chloe through since the hysterical pregnancy doesn't for some.
Daniel and Chloe - the whole storyline got dropped - Chloe's insecurities began because Vivian was using her to get back at Carly, THAT is the only reason Chloe was distraught thinking Daniel was with Carly in a hotel room so she got drunk and had sex with Phillip. Phillip in turn was upset over Melanie and Nathan. The Parker reveal was dropped right after it came out and all characters where scattered into different directions. WHY because the writers didn't have Sami in this very good storyline that really had many viewers and many GOOD actors involved.

Daniel walked away from whom he called the love of his life without even giving her any chance at explaining nor did he see her emotional state afterwards he was too busy working on his next patient. Daniel the character lost many viewers with his easy move to Jennifer while Chloe spiraled down and again was used by Kate into prostitution. If Daniel were the Saint that the writers potray him to be he would have noticed Chloe and what was happening to her. He didn't because he didn't care, so any proclamations of love from Dr. Douche is just meaningless words from a man who uses women.

Feel sorry that Chloe is coming back just to again beg at the Douche Altar, enough with Dannifer let them get married and move into the background all this every other week another person trying to keep them apart is nauseating and redundant. NOTE TO WRITERS - NO ONE CARES

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