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Dec 26 2012, 01:20 PM
Dec 26 2012, 11:50 AM
I don't get why everyone keeps saying "...after how Daniel treated Chloe." They divorced because she was unfaithful. Yes, she was drunk, and tricked by Vivian, but she should have confronted Daniel whether or not he was sleeping with Carly, not just hit the sack with her ex-boyfriend who was drunk! I don't think Daniel was obligated by any means to stand by the woman that broke his heart and betrayed him, and lied to him. Did I like Danloe? No! Do I like Daniel? No! Do I like Chloe? Yes! But Chloe was the person that was wrong in this scenario, and I don't blame Daniel for moving on after he divorced her. He wasn't obligated to do anything for her, and he certainly was not unkind to her or her baby, he just minded his own business.
I guess it was the fact that he had no problem pursing Chloe when he knew she was engaged or married to Lucas that pisses so many people off with Daniel. You know if you don't have a problem sleeping with a married woman then you shouldn't have a problem getting cheated on yourself. Plus he also slept with Carly when she was married and got her pregnant with Melanie. You just think he'd be a little bit more opened minded when it came to cheating.
How about in soaps everyone at one time or another cheated and got forgiven, but Daniel (the Saint) just walked all his words of love and devotion and he walked away. Others Day's couples that cheated but the men weren't as jerks.

Shawn/Belle/Phillip - Shawn fought for his love even though she broke his heart, while Phillip also fought to win her.

Most all of Day's super couples had decpetion and cheating of some sort in their backgrounds BUT the men were men and didn't run off and jump the next patient on his list.

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