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So I guess the way"Dan" treated Chloe since the hysterical pregnancy doesn't matter.The way he failed her and emotionally cheated on her doesn't matter(because putting your ex before your actual fiance is cheating)......I guess only Physical "cheating" when you're drunk and devastated over losing your fiance to his ex matters...unbelieavable how only Daniel's so called pain matters and how the hell he put Chloe through since the hysterical pregnancy doesn't for some.
Daniel and Chloe - the whole storyline got dropped - Chloe's insecurities began because Vivian was using her to get back at Carly, THAT is the only reason Chloe was distraught thinking Daniel was with Carly in a hotel room so she got drunk and had sex with Phillip. Phillip in turn was upset over Melanie and Nathan. The Parker reveal was dropped right after it came out and all characters where scattered into different directions. WHY because the writers didn't have Sami in this very good storyline that really had many viewers and many GOOD actors involved.

Daniel walked away from whom he called the love of his life without even giving her any chance at explaining nor did he see her emotional state afterwards he was too busy working on his next patient. Daniel the character lost many viewers with his easy move to Jennifer while Chloe spiraled down and again was used by Kate into prostitution. If Daniel were the Saint that the writers potray him to be he would have noticed Chloe and what was happening to her. He didn't because he didn't care, so any proclamations of love from Dr. Douche is just meaningless words from a man who uses women.

Feel sorry that Chloe is coming back just to again beg at the Douche Altar, enough with Dannifer let them get married and move into the background all this every other week another person trying to keep them apart is nauseating and redundant. NOTE TO WRITERS - NO ONE CARES

For Daniel to be a romantic hero (IMO) he needs to prove that his love can transcend wounds to his ego.
That regardless of what the woman may have done to him even if he doesn't love her any more he can remember the love they once had and care for her.

They could dress him up in chocolate but with his history of tossing women aside when they are no longer useful in completing his own self image of himself even that wouldn't make him appealing to me.
Exactly he's shown to be to self absorbed while the writers try and show him as saintly and forgiving, talk about bad writers because if that's what they're going for talk about utter failure.

Daniel after the Danloe Love story they showed and then the way he easily walked away, made him look like a jerk. When NB left and Chloe went to tahnk them (Dannifer) as closure, was the most hypocritical scene. Daniel sitting their with Jenn moved on without a problem and Chloe leaving town. It truly irks me that Chloe is being brought back to kiss his ass yet again, I'd rather she come back for Brady. Broe fans where never given any kind of closure when both characters returned and EM and NB seemed to have chemistry with their final scenes. (and I'm not even a Broe fan but I'd much prefer that)
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