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NE Spoilers wk Jan. 7th

Bill must answer for his mistakes;

Steffy demands to know where she and Liam stand;

Liam learns of his fathers plans for him and Hope;

Rick and Thomas compete to be President of Forrester

Hope makes a dire plea to Liam hoping to start a life together;

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Episode Titles and Previews

(Blindsiding Bill)
1/7, Bill's loved ones unite to confront him on his latest choices; Hope looks for revenge.

(Extreme Measures)
1/8, Hope dismisses Bill's words; Steffy has questions for Liam about their relationship.

(The Ruined Wedding)
1/9, Hope informs Liam about Bill's involvement in their Italian wedding; Bill prepares for his son to unleash his anger on him.

1/10, Liam is shocked by Bill's actions; Steffy threatens Hope to keep her distance from Liam.

1/11, Hope gives Liam a chance to start fresh with her; the members of the Forrester Creations team gears up for the fashion challenge.

SNS The Week of January 7 11

Dayzee tells Hope about a conversation she had with Marcus.

Hope confronts Bill with the allegations.

Hope looks to extract revenge against Bill and tells Liam about his dad's intervention in the Italian wedding

Bill is faced with the prospect about his dirty dealings coming to light, so he makes a promise to stay out of his son's life, However he continues to secretly scheme.

Hope wants she and Liam to start anew.

Steffy begins to have questions for Liam about the state of their relationship.

While Steffy goes abroad, Hope plans to use the absence to get closer to Liam.

Thomas and Rick compete to become FC's next President.

Both Brooke and Taylor are certain about who will win the fashion contest

A woman intends to be there for Eric.

Additional Spoilers wk 1/7

Tuesday, January 8th, Steffy questions Liam
Thursday, January 10th, Steffy issues a serious threat to Hope.
Friday, January 11, Everyone prepares for the fashion challenge that will determines FCs new president.

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