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Chloe/Daniel/Jennifer - Chloe is going to return to Salem with Parker and an agenda for Daniel/Jennifer. This is one the biggest stories of the new years despite it being a short-term story. Expect it to get a lot of airtime through the spring. "It will solidify or not the relationship of Daniel and Jennifer." Will Chloe be successful in getting Daniel back and will she use her son as leverage to get what she wants? "It's very intriguing as they lay it out."

Here's to hoping for the latter. I will find it intriguing if Chloe runs over Jennifer with her car... but just like everything else, I have a feeling this story will only further the agenda of making Saint Daniel and Rose Blossom Deveraux represent everything that's holy and good.

John/Marlena/Brady/Kristen/Eric/Nicole - The story will shift from John/Marlena/Kristen/Brady to Brady/Kristen/Nicole/Eric. The emotional interplay between the characters will be the focus. It's all Kristen's plot as she wants to stick it to John and Marlena. Also, Eric has taken vows but will be be able to keep them?

I like the idea of having Brady/Nicole/Eric in a triangle - this is the triangle I've been wanting to see all along. Having Kristen in the mix seems random - and it would appear John and Marlena will be pushed into the back-burner again. I don't like that.

EJ/Sami/Rafe - EJ and Sami will be getting a lot of story, but there will be a big surprise. But the question is, does Sami still have feelings for Rafe or is EJ really the man for her?

WHO THE FUCK CARES?!?!?! Can they just all dump her lame and sorry ass?

Gabi/Nick/Will/Sonny - The big story here is the baby secret. The reveal will happen at an unexpected time. Sonny and Will are going to take another big step in their relationship, but someone is going to cause trouble for them.

This intrigues me. I love Sonny and Will, and seeing them be torn a part over a secret is going to suck, but it makes good drama. I'm just grateful that it's allowed us to see so much more of both Massey and Smith, who I both enjoy.

Newcomers - "Look for one or two new characters to come to Salem next year."

Under Tomlin and Whitesell? Is it Rafe's unknown relative, Juanita Hernandez? Or a patient that Daniel Jonas cured of paralysis with his magic penis years ago?

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