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Dec 23 2012, 06:20 PM
BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL: Ridge is indeed coming back, but a new twist is in the works. It has been said that Ronn and Brad were seen having lunch recently and the rumor mill has it that Ronn is taking a second thought about coming back and may be about to change his mind. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Say it isn't so!!! Since Moss has left BB what has he done besides his garage reality show. Nada Zip Nothing!! If he does come back and I for one prefer he not what are the odds that he will say he did it for his fans. If not, Brad has his replacement ready to sign the dotted line and waiting in the wings. Come on Brad this has taken long enough!!! Make up your mind!!!......Looks like the triangle between Liam/Steffy/Hope is not over by a long shot. One of the ladies is going to end up pregnant. I will say that this boring and too long of a triangle is going to end right after the new year, hopefully...I am hearing the winner in this race will be Hope as she turns on the Logan gene of seduction and a totally new and improved Hope Logan will emerge.........Another falls from grace as Caroline goes over the balcony and ends up in the hospital thanks to her Uncle Bill. Is this the 2nd or 3rd time we have played this story?

YOUNG & RESTLESS: Stephen Nicolas has taped his last show are you surprised? Not me. There's no love lost between Nichols and JFP it was inevitable he'd be let go. Too bad that Kay will not have her son around. I have always liked Nicholas who is one hell of an actor and had a lot of potential until they destroyed his character. I really hoped when he came to Genoa he would be the one to bring down Victor. He has as much money and power, but I guess Victor Newman will never be beaten. It is a shame that the writers didn't do more with Nicolas rather than resurrecting the same old worn out story between Jack and Victor...... Also leaving is Jessica Heap who plays Eden. How many times are they going to recast this character? Get rid of her once and for all!!!......Finally Lauren and Michael will be getting some sort of story thanks to their son Fen, when Lauren finds another cell phone in Fen's possession, sadly this whole Fenn/Jamie thing is going nowhere. If they are going to do a story on bullying then lets get to it otherwise this is a waste of time........Looks like that DNA of a Newman who becomes just like Victor is turning out to be Victoria. Makes sense Victor/Victoria and this girl becomes her father's daughter in more ways then one. Look our Adam!!!!....Adam tries to reach out to Chelsea but she is enjoying herself with the hot detective from New York.

MMmm. it's STEPHEN NICHOLS-- not Nicolas.....

I'm curious-- who is a FOJ? I mean, actors or actresses' names.... Thanks!
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