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Yeah, I don't buy that he "loves Jennifer so much." I just haven't seen it. What I have seen -- and what Daniel himself told Melanie -- is that Daniel wants a family -- even if that means taking it away from someone else. He wanted a family with Chloe and Parker. When they didn't measure up, he dumped them and went for Jennifer and the Horton family unit. When Jennifer didn't choose him right away, he dropped her and moved on. Maybe he fantasized for a brief moment that he could make a family with Nicole. But then Jennifer was avaiiable again, so he dropped Nicole to go back to his earlier plan to graft onto the Horton family tree (being Eggbaby isn't enough).

Actually, I realize that it's the writers doing this. They are so desperate to make Daniel an integrated part of the canvas that they are willing to hand him all kinds of family ties to do so. evem of they have to rip those family ties away from other characters.

First, he got Lucas's wife.
Then, they re-wrote Carly's story to have her cheat on her husband long ago so Daniel could have an instant daughter.
Then, they sent Jennifer's husband on a walk-about and dumbed her down so he could be paired with her.
Then, the next set of writers decided to change the laws of physics and alter the history of in vitro fertilization to make him Maggie's Eggbaby so he could have an onscreen mommy who ignores her own children and is focused only on him.
Then, they "shafted" Jack to clear the path for Dannifer 2.0.
Now, they're turning the Phloe baby into a Danloe baby because they want Daniel to have an onscreen child now that Melanie/MB left.

It's relentless. Meanwhile, I see Daniel being more about protecting his ego than about having feelings for anyone else.

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