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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

Dec 26 2012, 11:55 PM
Dec 26 2012, 04:06 PM
Dec 26 2012, 03:48 PM
I'm kind of over Eric as a priest. Somebody please to fuck him so this little phase can be over. Nicole, where are you?
Me too....it's lasted long enough....they should take Kristen real dark and have her drug and seduce Eric...have him dreaming about Nicole the entire time and then have Nicole find out and go BSC on Kristen. Have Eric leave the priesthood to try to stop Nicole from killing Kristen. This show needs to do something and fast, all these stories are AWFUL
No, I don't wanna see Eric raped. I wanna see him give into his own emotions and lust by his own free will, so he realizes this path isn't for him. I'm sure the priesthood wouldn't kick you out for being raped anyways.
I wasn't saying the priesthood would kick him out, I was saying that he'd decide to leave on his own after realizing his love for Nicole and he'd try to prevent her from killing someone, lol.
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