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Much prefers sweevil, snarky EJ over Father Figure Fucktard Eejiot.

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I would agree except for one thing. Nicole was a step-mother to and spent considerable time with the kids well after all the Sydney stuff was revealed. So, the idea that nobody would let her near the kids rings false to me. She was near them all the time and nothing she has done since then would support the idea that she's any kind of danger to them. Yes, she lied about the paternity of the baby but EJ knew it was a lie. And even after he knew it was a lie, he kept begging Nicole to take him back. So, it's not like the lie itself caused EJ to go off the rails with Nicole.

So, on that side of things, I don't think it's all that ridiculous. However, I do agree that the whole thing feels like bone-throwing. I don't mind Nicole contemplating her loss and feeling that loss at Christmas, but the "Mommy Nicole" stuff was a little much. I would have rather seen a random run-in at the town square where Sydney ran to Nicole to say hi and EJ let them have that little moment. I think that would have seemed less heavy-handed.

And I completely agree that I don't want to see Nicole obsessed with Sydney again. So, if that was what this was foreshadowing then I'm not a happy camper. But, I'm holding out hope that it was just TomSell's heavy-handed attempt at Christmas mush.
I think the thing that has happened that should give everyone pause about Nicole having any sort of contact with Sydney (or really any kids at the moment) is the psychotic break she just suffered a month or so ago. The woman was walking around carrying a dead baby in her womb and jump on the opportunity to use that to her advantage to try to get her romantic rival out of the way. When that didn't work out, she threatened suicide in a public place. As much as I can sympathize with much of what Nicole has suffered (and that's largely due to AZ's portrayal more than the writing) it doesn't change the fact that she should be in some sort of intensive therapy to help her come to terms with her lost children and the other losses in her life. Allowing her access to a child she was previously obsessed with to the point that after having switched another infant to put in her place so she could claim her she later kidnapped her and planned to leave the country with her. I agree that she and EJ managed to mend things after that and Nicole went on to have a relationship with EJ's kids - but given the very, very recent loss of this latest baby it would seem incredibly risky to allow Nicole's obsessive tendencies to focus on Sydney again.

I actually came in to the thread to mention I finally watched the video scene this morning and holy cow - I see what everyone meant about the little girl playing Sydney and her delivery. That was absolutely painful. And then the scene where she is sitting next to Sami in HTS on the bench and Sami is talking about what a great Christmas the kids have had - the child looked absolutely miserable. Ouch!
That's a fair point, but I guess I would also point out that, thus far, nobody is letting Nicole anywhere near the kids. Chad took presents to them, but Nicole wasn't there. And EJ had a human moment and let Sydney send Nicole a message. She wasn't invited over or offered visitation. I guess I just don't think that the "Christmas miracle" moment for Nicole all that inconsistent with what has gone on in the past. Plus, while in real life nobody would let Nicole near the kids, we've long established that Salem bears little resemblance to real life.
That's true - a video is a far cry from actually taking Sydney to Nicole to thank her in person. So there is that. But I think given all that's gone down with Nicole lately I'd sure be giving her the side eye for a while anytime she gets around any kids - particularly Sydney. :blink:
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