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I despised the NBC Days message board. It was the only one that was worse than Sony (back when Sony actually had any activity). So I can't say I much care that they have gone away.

I agree that Twitter, and maybe Facebook, have taken over for the message boards as far as the show is concerned. They get the feedback they want (and probably some that they don't) immediately. Plus because twitter is limited, they don't have to read well-written posts that make valid points. They can stick to "We love this" or "We hate that."

I don't believe that TPTB don't care what the fans think. I do believe that they think they can win over fans even in the face of negative reactions now. Listening to fans is always a double-edged sword. If you listened to fans about everything, nobody would have have any conflict about anything ever. People would always be happy, truthful, trusting, and perfect. And the show would suck even worse.
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