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Since there wasn't a title to these spoilers I am posting them here.. Any additional spoilers when I receive my SOD on tomorrow.. I will start a new threads. :)

Spoilers re Chelsea/Adam-Source: Soap Magazines

A depressed Chelsea decides to go out alone on New Year's Eve. She runs into Alex and they flirt. But Chelsea brings a halt to the encounter and goes home. Adam is there and he has set up a romantic dinner for them. He begs Chelsea for another chance. Chelsea says she will come back to him if he agrees to leave GC. Chelsea feels GC is poison for Adam and being around Sharon and the Newmans brings out the worst in him. Surprisingly Adam agrees and they decide to move to Europe. The next day Adam receives a call from Jack who is in a panic and needs his help. While Adam is gone Chelsea tells Chloe that she and Adam have reconciled and are moving away. Chloe warns Chelsea that she was making a mistake by allowing Adam back into her life. When Adam returns he tells Chelsea that they can't leave GC because he will be running Newmans. Chelsea is very upset that Adam is putting Newmans before their marriage. The articles don't specify if Chelsea stays with Adam.

Jack's Intervention

Neil, because of his own substance abuse issues, is the one who initiates the intervention for Jack. Phyllis, Billy and Kyle participate. Jack is furious with all of them, particularly Phyllis, and fires them. Later he also fires Adam. On New Year's Eve Jack goes out drinking - and continues to pop pills - and sees a redhead at the bar who he thinks is Phyllis. It turns out to be someone named Stephanie and they hook up. The next morning Jack wakes up in a motel with a dead Stephanie at his side. He panics a nd calls Adam. When Adam arrives he tells Jack there is a news van outside. They wonder if Victurd set this up since Stephanie was a prostitute and Victurd had a track record for hiring prostitutes when he is trying to destroy someone. Adam tells Jack to fake a heart attack, they will call an ambulance and the news van will follow the ambulance while Adam clears the room of all evidence that links Jack to Stephanie. Jack agrees to go into rehab. They will explain his absence by saying he is being treated for a heart condition. But Jack's conscience bothers him and he has trouble dealing with what happened.

Courtesy Meghan @ Telboards
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