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Interesting, TFP.

While I agree that the show can't listen to every single viewpoint, they should be looking for a preponderance of views -- identify trends, patterns, etc. -- from a variety of sources, including Twitter, FB, message boards, cards and letters, the 800-number feedback line, their own surveys, and so on. They should be trying to figure out why so many are turning away from the show, especially in their key demographics, so they should try to elicit views not only from current viewers, but also from lapsed viewers.

Let's face it, people are more likely to take the trouble to post or tweet if they're dissatisfied. And from what I've seen on the FB page and in tweets, at least some people have an agenda and are keeping up a drumbeat over and over (e.g., more airtime for their favorite character). But if someone is paying even the slightest bit of attention, they can pick up on these things and filter through the negativity.

Meanwhile, I see the posts on the GH-related message boards and the tweets, and I'm envious of their general positive mood. While there are still some complaints in the mix, the overall trend is now much more positively inclined. You can feel the excitement and energy and goodwill in so many of these postings. So, at the very least, the GH show's writers and producers are showing they can turn the tide if they care enough to do so.

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