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dc cubs
Dec 27 2012, 11:37 AM
Dec 27 2012, 10:54 AM
It is not about the fact they do not care about us fans...it is about the fact that no matter what they do everyone complains about everything..every story line and every couple. There is hardly ever anthing postive on any of the sites. I have been a fan of Days for over 26 yrs and until this year never went to any of the spoliers or comments boards. It is very depressing as a fan to see all of the negative stuff all of the time. They are not going to be able to make everyone happy all of the time. I do not like all of the storylines all of the time but I am still a loyal fan. I love Days of our Lives and will continue to love it no matter what. Why would they want to listen or see nothing but the bad stuff. We do not see good comments posted very much because the negative people will attack the comment and the person making it. It has become personal and it should not be personal it should be about enjoying a show with other people who enjoy the show. I go to the facebook pages and it is just so much Negative stuff it is depressing. I just love the show and Salem has become part of my life and the Brady, Hortons and all the others are a part of my family. I want it to continue...will I like everything they do no but they have drama and that is what the show is about.
You are right that most of the comments about the show are negative. I used to feel the same way and it was depressing as a long time loyal fan to read some of the nastiness posted on message boards. I used to try and post some positive things about the show.

I was like you in thinking that I would forever remain a fan of the show and would always be loyal. However, there comes a time for some fans like myself where you reach a point where the negative far outweighs the positive and that is all you seem to post about. When that happened for me I knew that it was time to stop watching the show. I no longer enjoyed it and couldn't find much positive to say about it. After 28 years I was done but I still manage to get in some negative Dannifer posts because that is one of the things that ticked me off most about this show.

I don't know how to answer the question of how the show should listen to feedback from fans. It is a tricky one. Everyone wants different things and you can't please all the fans. Yes, there needs to be conflict for couples. I always understood that fact. However, there is some good constructive criticism out there that should be heard by Days.

I still check in here to see what is going on with the show. I do hope Days continues for those fans that still enjoy it and for the actors on the show to still have a job.
I am sorry that you left the show...There is storylines that I love and some that I do not like. The ones I do not like I fast forward them but I still enjoy the show. I have meet some of the actors in real life and some are great and some are not. I loved Matt Ashford (Jack) we danced together of course he was drunk but it was still fun. I loved Allison Sweeney (Sami) who I have watched since he first air date. I have not always liked what they have done with Sami but I still love Allison Sweeney. I loved Bryan (Lucas) he is so funny in person. One person I did not like was Nadia (Chole) she was a big diva in real life. There was always some type of drama in her real life that was the talk of the evening. They are real people who are just doing their job. They do the show the way the higher ups tell them to do the show. They do what is written for them. I will not always love every storyline but I will never stop watching until the last sentence is spoke. I am so scared for my show that come March it will get cancelled because the long time viewers gave up on the show. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I am sorry that you feel you cannot watch anymore. However, not to be rude but I do not feel like if someone does not watch the show then they have no right to post or comment good or bad. I told my husband that having watched the show for over 26 yrs I feel I earned the right to post. I do not post very much negative because we just want to enjoy the show with the others who enjoy the show. I hope the show will continue and that you will be able to find your way back to Salem....
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