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Let's face it.....we are not only unhappy with the way the show is going ........most of us are outraged.Gone are the couples we tuned into to see everyday......and the remaining "couples"are mearly a fabricated thought of Tomsell/Corday/NBC's version of "storytelling".Pasted together with glue and not having any real substance to keep us interested at all.Back in the day we were interested .....we felt their vulnerability,passion,dispare..........dare I say it.............depth of the writing from the soul of the writers.These writers are like watching someone on an esemblely line ........popping s/l's out with no interesting value what so ever.No wonder nobody wants to tune in ,no wonder there is so much negativity.Give us something to cheer about .Bring these fake hero characters down to their knees and let justice be done.
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