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Dec 27 2012, 10:54 AM
It is not about the fact they do not care about us fans...it is about the fact that no matter what they do everyone complains about everything..every story line and every couple. There is hardly ever anthing postive on any of the sites. I have been a fan of Days for over 26 yrs and until this year never went to any of the spoliers or comments boards. It is very depressing as a fan to see all of the negative stuff all of the time. They are not going to be able to make everyone happy all of the time. I do not like all of the storylines all of the time but I am still a loyal fan. I love Days of our Lives and will continue to love it no matter what. Why would they want to listen or see nothing but the bad stuff. We do not see good comments posted very much because the negative people will attack the comment and the person making it. It has become personal and it should not be personal it should be about enjoying a show with other people who enjoy the show. I go to the facebook pages and it is just so much Negative stuff it is depressing. I just love the show and Salem has become part of my life and the Brady, Hortons and all the others are a part of my family. I want it to continue...will I like everything they do no but they have drama and that is what the show is about.
I agree that there is a lot of negativity & complaining about Days & certain actors & couples .
On the other hand if the ratings keep putting Days in last place I think some constructive criticism by fans would be appreciated by the suits at Days/NBC. I guess tptb need to figure out how to sift through all of the feedback they get & discount obvious fan base or actor agendas.
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