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This week's issue of Soap Opera Digest has an article about John/Brady/Kristen.

John is shocked when he walks in on Kristen and Brady having sex. He confronts a celebratory Kristen at the Salem Inn where she reveals she had revenge on her mind all along and her plan is to destroy Brady and John's relationship. "It's very evil," explains Drake Hogestyn.

Kristen, meanwhile, has more of a "What took you so long?" mentality. "Kristen thinks John is really stupid for not catching on," sneers Eileen Davidson. "This isn't about her hurting Brady, it's about her hurting John. When John says that she's going to hurt his son, she tells him, 'No, I'm not going to hurt your son. I'm going to hurt you."

John is upset to learn Kristen hasn't changed after all.

Across town, Brady tells Marlena about what happened and Marlena feels guilty for sending John to Brady's office and setting the whole thing in motion. Brady asks Marlena if she could ever accept his relationship with Kristen and she says no, which upsets Brady.

Later, John and Marlena meet up to discuss what transpired and devise a plan to save Brady. "Marlena said all along that Kristen had an agenda," explains Hogestyn. "If John had known the Brady/Kristen relationship existed, he would have stopped it immediately, but now they're deeply into it."

Nevertheless, John and Marlena try to put a stop to the budding romance and burst into Kristen's hotel room just as she and Brady are ringing in the new year with a kiss. Brady refuses to believe John and Marlena's claim that Kristen is using him. "Lust is a very strong motivator," explains Hogestyn. "Both Brady and John are very sexual human beings. I remember quite vividly that Kristen had a lot to offer in that particular department."

The discussion continues in the park, where John and Brady have a confrontation and things get physical. "Brady swings at John," reveals Hogestyn. "He wants John to stay out of his life. It's a very pivotal moment in any relationship, especially between father and son, when it comes to the proverbial blows. It's very sad and pushes them even further apart."

Explains Martsolf, "John basically calls Brady out on his behavior and tells him he's being dumb. It goes from a father questioning his son to essentially telling him, 'You're wrong. How can you be this blind?' It becomes very derogatory. It just blows up."

Kristen is beyond thrilled by the fight. "Kristen was hoping for this," enthuses Davidson. "It's more than she could have expected in her wildest dreams. The fact that it's coming true is unbelievable."

Brady and John wind up in the hospital where they are treated for their injuries. Kristen apologizes to Brady for everything that has happened and it appears that she is starting to care for him. "Her feelings for Brady are real, but she is motivated by hatred so it's hard to know exactly where she's at from one moment to the next," explains Davidson. "Does she really like him or is it just part of her plan? She does, but she is also going to continue with this plan. From Kristen's point of view, she's been laying the groundwork for a very long time. The angrier people get with Kristen, the more it helps her case with Brady."

For more, pick up the latest issue of Digest!
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