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Sammie Jo
Dec 26 2012, 07:45 PM
Dec 26 2012, 06:59 PM
Still loving that the lead-in theme to the opening is back.

We got a Mamie mention today!

I'm so ready for an official Jack and Phyllis reunion.

I liked how there was a change in the date halfway through the episode. Doesn't happen often on soaps.

The Newman ranch is coming back! Yay!

The writing for Fen makes him seem like a weenie/weasel. It's annoying until I recall how Michael and Kevin used to be. Then it seems fitting.
We got a Mamie mention today!

We did? dayum, I missed that, my local station just HAD to break in for some idiot car chase that was already being covered on 2 other local channels. :flipoff:
I'd like to see Mamie come back and slap jack around a few times. lol
We had to watch a damn car race too. I hate it when my local station puts that on instead of my soap. Hell we see it all the time and I am so pissed off when they do that . I wonder if we both saw the same car race. Ours always seem to broadcast this in the middle of YnR. Do we live that close to each other that we might have seen the same car race? I am close to Houston and we get all the Houston local channels. ABC, NBC and CBS and YnR is shown on CBS which is channel 11 in our area.
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